Louis Vuitton has always been fashionable copper pattern, "Shenzhen Nanshan LV" winner.

   In May, the beautiful season of youthful May, YPG Art/YPG Curtain Wall/YPG Project, with the efforts of all three units, the Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Nanshan, Shenzhen was successfully completed.

   The adoption of the copper wire is still the most classic flower pattern process, there are flowers on the upgrading of the product is also a true kung fu, big people choose use is 5000mm long 10CBT+2.28 SGP 10CBTdouble AR GLASS.

   As can be seen in the figure on the right, the transmittance of objects that can be seen more clearly through glass is >98%.

  Adopt non-reflective AR GLASS with light reflectivity <1% and no reflective double shadow.


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